The Rose Garden supports healthy development and learning by allowing children to unfold and explore outdoors as much as possible. When the weather is especially uncomfortable (cold rain, bitter cold, etc.,) we occasionally bring the children indoors.


8:30 Arrive on time

Outdoor play and activity of the day

10:30 Snack

11:00 Play and potty tries

12:30 Story, Circle, Finger Plays, Etc.

12:45 Lunch

1:45 Early pick up and a rest time for non-sleepers, sleepers head indoors for nap

2:00 Nap for sleepers and play for non-sleepers

2:45 Storybook time for non-sleepers

3:00 Say farewell

Day Activity Snack
Monday Watercolor Painting Rice & Carrots
Tuesday Playdough Modeling Oatmeal & Apples
Wednesday Coloring Millet, Sunbutter, & Carrots
Thursday Handwork/Woodwork Buckwheat & Cheese
Friday Washing/Scrubbing Cornbread & Apple Butter