At the Rose Garden we let our schedule flow with the seasons.  In the cold months we start inside, once the sun warms the Earth we move outside.  In the warm months we start outside, and when the sun gets too hot we move inside.  We eat when our bodies get hungry and rest with quiet stories and naps when they get tired.  We celebrate the changing of the seasons, marking them with festivals.  Below is our typical daily schedule:


8:30 Arrive on time

Outdoor play and activity of the day (Indoors Dec-Mar)

10:30 Snack

11:00 Circle

11:20 Lullaby rest and bathroom try

11:40 Indoor play (Outdoors Dec-Mar)

12:30 Clean up

12:45 Story

1:00 Lunch

1:30 Outdoor Play

1:45 Early pick up

2:00 Nap

3:00 Say farewell

Day Activity Snack
Monday Watercolors Rice & Carrots
Tuesday Playdough Oatmeal & Apples
Wednesday Crayons Millet, Sunbutter, & Carrots
Thursday Handwork/Woodwork Buckwheat & Cheese
Friday Washing/Scrubbing Cornbread & Apple Butter

Download a copy of the 2016-17-rose-garden-calendar which includes holidays, parent-teacher conferences, festivals, and field trips.