The Rose Garden School is a play-based, mixed-age pre-school and kindergarten where children are able to grow and explore the world around them.  Through daily and seasonal rhythms, children from 2 1/2 to 7 years old are able to unfold their true selves in a supportive and family-like setting.

The school nurtures a love of the Earth through play and meaningful work.  Through gardening, wood-working, and building sand castles and fairy houses (along with whatever else they can dream up!), children learn how to interact with others and their environment in a gentle, supportive and supported way.

A love of language is sparked through daily storytelling, singing, puppet plays, movement, and acting out stories.  Small and large motor skills are developed through finger plays, hand-work, knitting, circle time, climbing and swinging.

As Sharifa says, “The heart of childhood is Play. An inviting warm home environment fosters the deep creativity of your child’s mind, which she expresses through Play.”  We invite you to come observe the children in their day and experience the magic that is The Rose Garden!

To learn more, please contact us.