Winding down

The first year of our new Rose Garden is quickly coming to an end. This time of year the children are growing and changing so much. They remind of the mammoth sunflowers that are growing up to create the walls of our summer house.

One year ago I was finishing up the school year at Sharifa’s house while preparing this school. I loved dreaming about what might become. There were so many possibilities! I was also a bit scared that I would not be able to create the same magic that Sharifa had created around her magical little house in the forest.

Every day of this year my dreams have been turning from concept to reality. I still ask myself if I will ever be able to create that same magic. Luckily, many parents, colleagues and friends have assured me that the new Rose Garden School IS a magical place. The beauty of the ever changing big sky, the sunny yard with more gardening space than I can use just yet, the embracing shade of the weeping willow tree, the multitude of birds that visit each day, and the joy on the children’s faces as they make this space their own are all evidence that magic is real!

I hope that you, reader, have the opportunity to come and visit our little corner of the earthly garden some day soon!IMG_5432

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