The children have arrived!

Many people worked very hard to have the school ready for our first day of school on August 31st. Our initial inspection and conditional license are complete! The Rose Garden is official.

The moment the children walked onto the playground on Wednesday morning my heart filled with joy, relief and hope for our future. We colored at the picnic table, explored the new playground, picked ripe tomatoes from the garden, ate a delicious snack of millet with sunbutter and carrots around our dining table crafted from a fallen cherry tree, went galloping on a journey to the orchard in our circle time, played with familiar and new toys in the living room, listened to a story about a little boy searching for a round, red house with no door, no windows with a chimney on top and a star inside, then ate our lunches from home. We ended our day with books in the nap room or one last exploration of the playground before a cozy nap in the darkened living room.

Tomorrow morning will be another first day for some of the children. I am very much looking forward to welcoming returning children and new families into our new space.

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