Harvest Festival and Lantern Walk

After many weeks of polishing, peeling, slicing and cooking apples that we picked at Henley’s orchard and baking our Harvest loaf of bread the children and teachers shared the abundance of deliciousness with their parents and families on Friday evening. Sharifa and Eric graciously invited us to celebrate our festival at their home, the former Rose Garden School site.

Every person enjoyed a plate piled high with the yummy potluck dishes shared by all. Then we shared our fall circle songs and verses. The sunlight was quickly dwindling as we finished our last song just in time to light the lanterns that Kim, Sarah and I had created with help from the children over the last few weeks.

The lantern walk is a chance for the children to bravely take their own light out into the darkness. Our path was twisting, steep and a bit scary at times, but their lantern shed just enough light to guide their steps. At a time in this world when darkness can seem overwhelming it is also a chance for the adults caring for the children to symbolically share their own light with the world.

Please spread the light!

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