Spring has officially arrived!

During our winter break I learned how to use a chainsaw!! My friend and neighbor on the farm helped me cut down two big cedar trees that had been standing dead behind our barn for years. I had been eyeing those trees for so long fantasizing about all the fun the children could have with that wood. It was so satisfying to realize those dreams. Some of the cedar has already been turned into a picnic table and a stump garden, with many more projects to come.

On a recent Saturday morning several parents, students and friends came to work on our playground. We moved a mountain of pine bark mulch, moved our old picnic table to the back yard, put the new picnic table in its spot, made an obstacle course out of those cedar trees and began installing monkey bars.

Our monkey bars are ALMOST finished! Today we got close enough to test them out. During the East Coast Waldorf Kindergarten Conference in February I was reminded about the vital need for children to have an opportunity to hang. The children have been busy helping me dig the post holes, using the level, measuring, etc. We have been brainstorming ideas for the best way to reach the bars. Next we will be smoothing the rough edges of the posts. We will show you our results when it is finished!

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