I have dreamed of gardening with my students for many years. Until moving into the current home of The Rose Garden I did not have the right conditions for taking on growing food. I am also the one member of my family that was NOT gifted with a green thumb.

When looking for a new home for the school I had hoped to find a space that would include good gardening opportunities. Our yellow house on the hill has that in spades! As soon as I visited the property for the first time I began planning a serious deer fence. I knew that I would be so sad if the children’s efforts were devoured by the massive herd of deer that lives in this neighborhood.

Last summer I started small. I planted a few tomato plants and flowers. I was advised to put my energy into creating a compost pile first then work my way into filling the yard with plants bit by bit. That was good advice! I am playing at gardening. I want the children to share in my joyful learning.

This past week has been so satisfying. Watching the children eat tender leaves of kale right out of the garden bed fills my heart. I had to actually stop them from eating all of the baby plants. I promised that we could have a feast when it was time to thin the rows. Today we brought out a beautiful wooden bowl. We carefully pulled out the plants and pinched off the dirt covered roots.

Even my pickiest of eaters was brave enough to taste the kale. She quickly stated, “I don’t like it!” However, I was so proud of her for even trying. Within minutes our big wooden bowl was empty.

I look forward to many years of growing in our beautiful Rose Garden!

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